Tarot Tuesdays: The Fool

For the next few weeks on Tarot Tuesdays I want to start going through the Major cards and exploring each of them. I thought about pulling them at random, but to me it makes more sense to do them in order to better see how they fit into the story of the tarot.

The Fool 

“I am a poor wayfaring stranger
While traveling through this world of woe
Yet there’s no sickness, toil or danger
In that bright world to which I go”

  • Emmylou Harris, Wayfaring Stranger


I have included images of the Fools from both of the decks I own. I love the contrast between the two, one is very Divine Masculine, and one is very Divine Feminine.


Let’s start with the fool on the left, from the Tarot Del Fuego. I like this little curmudgeon. He is setting out on a journey. We can see his home behind him, turned on its head. In front of him there’s a volcano!  He’s moving away from the familiar into the unknown. His companion is a little dog with an hourglass, which I interpret as the passing of time, maybe even death! He needs to move with haste on his journey of knowledge, because time is short!

Moving on to the Shadowscapes Tarot Fool. She is taking a very different approach than the Del Fuego Fool. She is perched on the edge of a cliff, about to dive off into the unknown. She seems unafraid and optimistic, throwing herself into the abyss without worrying about logistics or danger. She seems carefree an innocent, almost like a child.


My interpretation of the Fool has always been about beginnings. The Tarot Del Fuego Fool is starting out on a new path. He has his knapsack and his walking stick, he has thought about his journey and is moving away from the familiar and into possible danger. He goes forth seeking new knowledge and new opportunities. The Shadowscapes Fool isn’t thinking, she’s just flinging herself forward regardless of the consequences. I think these two interpretations are great for different kind of readings. What kind of fool do you want to be? Do you want to grab your knapsack and your walking stick and set out on a Hobbit-esque  journey of self discovery, or do you want to just fling yourself forward with innocent joy, letting the wind take you where it may?

Now, because I’m not an expert, let’s consult an expert. Biddy Tarot.com has this little blurb to say about the Fool:

The Fool Tarot card is a card of potential, new beginnings and innocence. This Tarot card shows the highest potential for your life, reaching a state of renewal and new beginnings, where each day is an adventure and each moment is lived to the fullest. The Fool card represents the beginning of all creativity and a desire to accomplish new goals (or to, at least, start the process of working towards those goals). The Fool indicates that anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Let’s all try to embody the Fool this week. Take chances, take risks, move out of your comfort zone! No matter if you’re slow and steady, or wild and free let yourself go a little bit and try something new this week. You never know where your journey may take you!



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