Who am I?

I’m E, a 22 year old college student and part-time amateur blogger. I have found myself on a somewhat unconventional spiritual journey, and have slowly been venturing out of my shell and out of my comfort zone to expand my horizons.

Why this blog?

The purpose of this blog is connection. Because my spiritual path is somewhat different than a lot of people’s, I found it very isolating. Through the magic of the internet I have found a community of like-minded people, and I decided to create this blog to expand that feeling of connection. I wanted to share my journey with others, in part to connect with them, and in part to inspire anyone else who is going through the same kind of transformation.

What’s on this Blog?

I have a few posts a week planned with specific days being specific topics. Not every topic will be posted about every week (I’m a full time student!) but I’ll do my best to post at least one or two days a week and change it up from week to week. The post themes are:

  • Mantra Mondays
    • Reflections on meditation, meditation tools, and ways I’ve been growing (or stalling) in my meditation practice.
  • Tarot Tuesdays
    • A look into my tarot practice. Deck reviews, spreads, card interpretations, etc. I am FAR from an expert on the tarot, but I want to share my journey with it with you! Maybe you can learn a thing or two from me, and I can get lots of good comments and feedback!
  • Whatever Wednesdays
    • A day for, well, whatever. Hauls, rants, questions, recipes, and all the other junk that bloggers apparently do.
  • Stretchy Saturdays
    • YOGA. The backbone of everyone’s spirituality, except mine, so far. I want to be better at yoga. I need to improve my practice and make it a part of my day to day life. This is my motivation to actually sit down (or lay down, shavasana for life, y’all) and just plain DO IT.
  • Spiritual Sundays
    • Duh. Sundays will be my day to post about all things spiritual. Some of these posts might have Catholic or Judaeo-Christian leanings, so if that isn’t your jam, that’s cool. I’ll try to cover that in the first paragraph or so, and if it doesn’t resonate with you feel free to scroll on. But not every week will contain those kinds of things, some may be about crystals or chakras or angels or just plain whatever!

Where else on the Internet am I?

Instagram: @wandering_star_seed

Wanna know what I’m listening to? Find my playlists on Spotify @wanderingstarseed

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